VR Horror Euclidean Out Now

Alpha Wave’s new horror game, Euclidean is now available on Steam.

It is a first person, VR enabled horror experience in you can only see so far in front of you.  This feeling of vulnerability makes for some pretty intense and exciting gameplay.

You stand on a craggy mountaintop, alone. The only living thing from horizon to horizon. A few other thin, barren peaks thrust up through the clouds like stone needles stuck into the sky. It’s freezing cold yet the ground remains free of snow. The moon waxes full and strange. You don’t recognize any of the stars.

Only one thing is certain. This vista is but a window unto something else. Something bizarre and terrifying. Gaze deep enough, and it will gaze back, from unknowable depths and voids where nothing should exist. Perhaps it will extend an invitation.

Are you ready to enter world of Euclidean where danger could be closer than you though?

A none VR review will be heading here soon.  Until then, sit back and enjoy the trailer below.

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