EGX2015 3rd Day

Cold start this morning readers. Sitting waiting for the train on a cold bench is no fun at all.

Oh well, it’s the third day of EGX and with it being Saturday I expect it to be packed.

Not a lot on today for myself apart from speaking to the guys behind Prison Architect so I will probably find my self hitting a few big games in the morning and then ending the day looking at what Nintendo has brought along this year. Like the Rezzed area, Nintendo have brought along a nice selection of indie titles that all look very unique. To round-up my day I may even drop back to the Rezzed Area for some murderous action in Party Hard or some chaotic mulitplayer battles in Gang Beasts.

Again, if there is anything you would like to be covered just let me know in the comments below or drop me a tweet.

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Des Mayer

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